Fund Purpose

The Regiment is facing a significant challenge and needs your help.

The rate of operational deployments and the nature of those deployments are resulting in a much higher rate of casualties across the Army – fatal and non fatal, physical and mental – than has been since the Falklands Conflict. Some mental casualties will not become apparent for many years, even decades.

As an Armoured Infantry battalion the Scots Guards are likely to find themselves among the most frequently deployed parts of the British army. The 1st Battalion recently returned from its second six month tour of Iraq and Right Flank from a tour in Afghanistan. With casualties in single figures, the Regiment has been very lucky so far. The Battalion has already been warned off for its next operational tour…

Immediate and short term duty of care lies with the Ministry of Defence, and thereafter with appropriate Government Departments. There are also a number of charities, such as SSAFA, the Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes that do much to support wounded soldiers and their families. But some of the necessary welfare support, both immediate and long term, will always have to be provided from our Regimental charitable funds. Operational commitments will unfortunately place significantly greater demands on these already fully committed funds than the Regiment is likely to be able to provide.

As a family regiment the Scots Guards is determined to be in a position to provide the necessary support for all members of the regimental family, now and in the future. To be in a position to do so the Regiment needs to raise a substantial sum of money.

It can only do this with your support. The Colonel’s Fund will make a real difference to the lives of Scots Guardsmen and their families in the future. It is thus your opportunity to really ‘make a difference’.

What the fund provides for…

The fund will enable the Regiment to provide:

  1. Support to the families of those killed in action by responding promptly to problems of bereavement and hardship.
  2. Support to those wounded on operations, particularly those who have had to leave the army; to assist in finding them new employment and to help them become active family and community members.
  3. Support to the families of those seriously wounded or injured in prolonged recovery situations.

The Regimental Trustees have wide discretion to use the funds to enhance the welfare of Scots Guardsmen on operations and that of their families at home. Furthermore, they will be able to use capital as well as income if they deem it necessary.

Recent Cases

  1. Gdsm Watson who suffered injuries in the 1st Afghan tour resulting in multiple amputation.In Oct 2014 he needed adaptations made to his new house for his disabilities, i.e. wet room and wheelchair access. The full cost of this was £31.5K.With the help from H4H and the ABF Soldiers Charity together with £8,000 from our Col’s Fund the full need was met.
  2. Gdsm Gallagher who suffered injuries in the 2nd Afghan tour resulting in multiple amputation. In January 2015 the Col’s Fund paid just under £900 for adaption’s to his car.In April 2015 it was found that his wheelchair was not fit for purpose in the area he was going to live in. A motorised wheelchair was bought costing £9,000 with help from ABF Soldiers Charity with our Col’s Fund finding £3,000.