Why has the Fund been launched?

The rate of operational deployments and the nature of those deployments are resulting in a much higher rate of casualties across the Army – fatal and non fatal, physical and mental – than has been since the Falklands Conflict. Some mental casualties will not become apparent for many years, even decades.

As an Armoured Infantry battalion the Scots Guards are likely to find themselves among the most frequently deployed parts of the British army. The 1st Battalion recently returned from its second six month tour of Iraq and Right Flank from a tour in Afghanistan. With casualties in single figures, the Regiment has been very lucky so far. The Battalion has already been warned off for its next operational tour…

Unfortunately we must anticipate that there will be a marked increase in the number of casualties and thus welfare needs over the medium to long term and that we will be unable to resource them properly from our existing charitable funds, which are fully committed to supporting existing welfare needs. Hence the absolute necessity for launching this appeal…

Surely it is the Government’s responsibility to support injured soldiers and their families?
Whilst the immediate and short-term ‘duty of care’ for wounded soldiers lies wholly with the Ministry of Defence and thereafter with appropriate Government Departments such as Health, Social Security and Employment, the Regiment will always be at the heart of the recovery of any injured Scots Guardsman and thus must be in a position to offer the best level of care and support wherever, whenever and for as long as it is needed. As a family regiment this is absolutely central to our ethos.

What will the proceeds be used for?

The Fund will enable the Regiment to provide:

Support to the families of those killed in action by promptly responding to problems of bereavement and hardship.
Support those wounded or injured on operations, particularly those who have had to leave the Army; to assist in finding them new employment and to help them become active family and community members.
Support the families of those seriously wounded or injured in prolonged recovery situations.

The Trustees will have wide discretion to use the fund to enhance the welfare of Scots Guardsmen on operations and that of their families at home and to relieve hardship or distress, either generally or individually, of serving or former members of the Regiment and to provide grants to any other charity or charitable organisation associated with the Regiment. Furthermore, they will be able to use capital as well as income if they deem it appropriate.

Who are the Trustees?

The current Regimental Charity Trustees.

Aren’t there existing Regimental Charity Funds to meet these needs?

Existing charitable funds are already heavily committed, supporting serving and retired Scots Guardsmen and other associated individuals with all manner of hardship and distress. In order to meet the anticipated rise in demands on these charitable funds as a result in the increased frequency and intensity of current operations, the Trustees have determined that more funds must be raised.

Does the Fund duplicate the activities of others such as The Royal British Legion, SSAFA, the Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes?
These funds are either Tri-Service or Army-wide and are, in most cases, currently fundraising for major infrastructure projects. However, bearing in mind that the some of their activities may overlap with those of The Colonel’s Fund, the Trustees are conscious of the need to avoid duplication and will therefore appoint funds according to each individual case.

How will the Fund set about raising money?

Fundraising was initially set up as a year-long campaign finishing in the Autumn of 2009. However, the Fund was planned to remain open thereafter. The Regiment and our friends are the target of the appeal, which distinguishes it from larger-scale public appeals such as SSAFA, The Army Benevolent Fund and ‘Help for Heroes’. A small executive committee will provide focus and coordination from within Regimental Headquarters but the actual fundraising will be largely decentralised to a number of project teams.

What is the role of The Colonel?

The Colonel has kindly agreed to be the Patron of the Fund Raising Appeal.

Who is the appeal aimed at?

The appeal is primarily aimed at serving and former members of the Scots Guards, their families and friends. While donations are welcome from members of the public, we do not wish this to be at the expense of other charitable organisations with broadly similar aims.

How can I raise money for the Fund?

There are many many ways that you can support this appeal. Please see the ‘How to Support’ section of this site or contact the project office.